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Have you been wanting to get an idea out of your head and onto the web, but don't have the time? Maybe you're itching for a website overhaul and need someone with a fresh perspective to make it happen. Whatever the case, I'm taking on clients that want to make positive change happen in the world.

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How it Works

1. Tell me what you want to launch

Fill out a quick form to let me know what you're looking to launch - as much detail as you have. I'll follow up shortly with a link to schedule our first Zoom call.

2. We get to know each other (virtually)

We'll meet over Zoom so we can get to know each other. I'll be very transparent about whether I can help and what the project will look like.

3. We finalize the plan + I get to work

I'll follow up with a more detailed plan based on your needs. Once we both feel good about it, I'll send a straight forward contract and get to work.

Things I've Built

With ten years of Product Management experience and an MBA, I can help you refine what to build. Then, using NoCode tools I will build it for you. You can check out my portfolio to see some examples of how I approach and build projects.

I'm for you if...

  1. What you're doing makes the world a better place and you want to have fun doing it.

  2. You like collaborating. You want to meet to review progress and give feedback, but you don't have time to (or don't want to) build it yourself.

  3. You understand what your customers need, but need someone to translate that to a website.

  4. You are looking for a fresh perspective from someone with a myriad of skills.

  5. You have clear measures of success that we can use to focus efforts on what matters. I don't like to do busywork, and you shouldn't have to pay for it. Win-win!

I'm NOT for you if...

  1. You're far too busy to review progress. You just want to see the finished product, then decide if it's what you wanted.

  2. You aren't sure what your customers need, and haven't defined who they are yet.

  3. You aren't sure what success would look like with this project.

  4. You don't like fun.

Want to Work Together?

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