NoCode Marketplace Site

Product Manager + Designer + Builder
Project Overview
Mina is a marketplace for parents to find their ideal birth and postpartum team. Given the technical debt and limitations to scale on Wordpress, it was time to find another solution.
Webflow, Memberstack, Jetboost, Airtable Zapier
My Contributions
I talked to parents to learn how they find providers and talked to providers to learn how they market themselves to parents. From there, I determined what a quick first version could look like. I researched NoCode technologies, then designed and built the entire site from scratch along with subscription capabilities.
See how I built it by watching the video here.
Search + Browse
In order to give parents the ability to find the right provider for them, they are able to search and filter, while seeing results quickly update in real time thanks to Jetboost.
Key information and trust factors like a verified symbol and review ratings are displayed to encourage parents to click through to a profile to learn more.
Success Metrics: clickthrough conversion (with a search/filter action compared to without), bounce rate
Provider Profile
Clean, organized design to give parents enough information to determine whether they want to contact the provider while showcasing providers' offerings and depth of experience.
Prioritizes white space to let the content, image and contact CTA shine.
Success Metrics: clicks to contact, bounce rate
Brand Guidelines
Led a rebranding exercise to create a clear brand feeling across channels.
Trained the team and created templates so anyone could create brand-consistent content which reduced design bottleneck when creating downloadables, blogs, social posts, etc.