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My Approach

High Visibility.

I skillfully manage high visibility products and coach teams to high performance. Ask me how I've worked with C-level stakeholders, how I drove cross functional product launches from the omnichannel ecommerce platform at ModCloth to the core source of revenue at Gild, or how I built product teams and processes in many different organizations.

Ship, Learn, Pivot.

I purposely structure my roadmaps to deliver value as quickly as possible in order to measure success and iterate as needed. Ask me how I've built A/B testing, analytics and user research capabilities to ensure my products and teams are working seamlessly with stakeholders to help customers win. Spoiler alert: scrappiness is key.

Chaos Managed.

I eat process challenges, technical debt, and uncharted territory for breakfast. Ask me how I’m fueling early growth at Mina, how I doubled conversion on ModCloth’s rebuilt omnichannel ecommerce platform while building the product team and processes from the ground up, or how I fueled creative innovation in each team.

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Don't Just Take It From Me

“[Kara] attacked every challenge with energy and a fresh perspective, and constantly pushed our organization to improve. She managed complex teams and projects with ease, and could effectively switch from managing the details to looking at the team’s strategy and future direction. I would be pleased to work with Kara in the future.”
- Ashley Wali, direct manager at ModCloth, now VP of Product at

“It was great to have a PM who was so data-literate and could combine product vision with data points. She’s highly organized and has an exceptional ability to balance long-term priorities with short-term needs. I would recommend her to anywhere that needs someone who can think on their toes and create long-term systems that will work!”
- Emma Ferguson, analytics manager while at Gild, now Software Engineer at Samsara

“Working with Kara at Gild was fantastic. Her communications skills translated into a successful workflow with the product, sales, and customer success teams. She was always quick to respond and gave detailed reasoning on why and how the product was being built. Along with her communication skills, she… emanated a very positive vibe that she brought to work every single day… Your team would be extremely lucky to have Kara on it.”
- Andrew Smith-Garzón, enterprise sales lead while at Gild, now on the Enterprise Team for Uber

“Kara is a catalyst -- this is a role that is incredibly valuable to organizations, but can be very hard to recognize, and often goes under appreciated. Catalysts will inject themselves into a situation to create change, but then are happy to withdraw, and often seek no credit or recognition for themselves as the results of their efforts to bear fruit. These are the kinds of people you want to work with.”
- Erik Mitchell, lead web developer while at Best Buy, now Software Engineering Consultant

More About Me
I take my work very seriously, but I don't take myself too seriously. I am always happy about something, and like to make sure everyone around me is happy too. In my free time I like to try new recipes and play games (Hearthstone, Dungeons and Dragons and Castle Panic are my current favorites). I have lived in Florida, Indiana, Minnesota and California and have fun stories about each. I rarely use Oxford commas.

My Top 5 Strengths:
Focus, Positivity, Achiever, Intellection, Relator
My Personality Type: 
INTJ - The Architect
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