Hi, I'm Kara!

I help people build and optimize incredible ecommerce experiences
Without having to know how to code
Wait a second...

Did that just say without having to know how to code?

It sure did. Why do you think I highlighted it in bright green?

Here's the thing

This world needs a lot of fixing. And it's not going to happen all at once, with only some people building the change.

It needs a lot of ideas from people like you - YES YOU - to come to life. That's why I'm making it my mission to give you the tools you need to succeed.

You Have what it takes

I taught myself how build an entire marketplace site by myself in just three weeks - without being able to code.

Believe me, if I can do it you can too.

Except you can do it faster because I'm here to help every step of the way.

I'll share everything I know with you

I have 10 years of ecommerce Product Management experience. That means I know how digital brands are built, and how to make them successful.

I hustled to get an MBA while I was working full time so I have loads of frameworks to pull from and know how to prioritize to get stuff done.

Are you in?

Let's bring your idea to life!

Learn to build it yourself
I'll coach you every step of the way, all on your own schedule.
Hire me to build it for you
We'll work collaboratively to make sure your idea launches successfully.
More about me
I take my work very seriously, but I don't take myself too seriously. I am always happy about something, and like to make sure everyone around me is happy too. In my free time I like to try new recipes and play games (Hearthstone, Dungeons and Dragons and Castle Panic are my current favorites). I have lived in Florida, Indiana, Minnesota and California and have fun stories about each. I rarely use Oxford commas.

My Top 5 Strengths:
Focus, Positivity, Achiever, Intellection, Relator

My Personality Type: 
INTJ - The Architect
Want to connect?
I thought you'd never ask.